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The Front Door

The front door of any car is not one of its most exciting features. Drivers do not drool over front doors. They don't see a new model of a car and say, "Wow! Did you see the lines on that front door?" It just isn't one of the standard features of any car model that gets noticed much.

And yet, where would we be without the front door of a car? Or indeed, the back door as well, for that matter? Imagine a sleek sporty model with all the smooth aerodynamic lines, but no front door. We'd miss it. But it goes deeper than that. While they may not be one of the more noticed features, they are extremely important when it comes to driver and passenger safety.

Some 42,000 accidents in the United States of America alone can be traced to a faulty front door or back door. The locks and hinges are the main parts to fail. They are neglected as long as the door opens and shuts. And even when the opening and shutting of the door becomes difficult, people just push harder, rather than investigate the cause of the problem, or have a qualified mechanic check it out.

Because of the failure of so many front doors and back doors, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added a number of revisions to their regulations and standards to bring the legislation up to date. They specifically targeted sliding doors, which can open unexpectedly with disastrous results to the unwary.

Passengers, especially children, often sit leaning against doors. When a door fails for whatever reason, the passenger can, and sadly often does, fall out of the vehicle. Injury and even death usually results. The incident is sudden and quick, leaving no time for other passengers or the driver to react. Everyone not affected is shocked and says things like, "The door seemed fine. We had no warning."

However, there was warning. The signs are there for those who regularly check every component of their car. A front door or back door does not usually fail suddenly without prior problems. It is the duty of every driver to do his or her utmost to ensure the safety of the passengers. It doesn't take much either. A careful check of the locks and hinges is all. That and making certain that everyone traveling in the car wears a properly fitted seat belt. If a door fails while a passenger is leaning against it, but wearing a safety belt, there is every chance that they will not fall out.

The thing to look for in a front door or back door is first of all the hinges. Check that they have no excessive vertical movement and they are properly attached. Next, check the door locks. Ensure that these are working properly and that all springs activate when required. See that the door side mirrors are firmly connected and that the door handles function properly. Check for rust underneath the door. Excessive rust on a front door might indicate a door that is not completely safe. Remember, there could be someone's life at stake. Do you want that on your conscience?

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